Saturday, May 13, 2017

MIFO Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Earbud

Subtitle: Wireless earbud with Battery & Case

I recently reviewed the S630 wireless Earbud and noted it was a worthy successor to the S530 design that I raved about in December 2015.

Just to re-iterate,  wireless earbuds are the future, especially for athletes, because wires get in your way.

What are you Getting with MIFO?

- Single Earbud, Bluetooth 4.1 
- White in colour, a bit glitzy
- Waterproof to 1 metre, so fine for wet training runs/cycles or sweaty Gym sessions
- Case includes battery and auto charger,  outside LED to show in case battery status
- Earbud design includes Microphone so you can answer a call and have a conversation
- Earbud has voice prompts in CHINESE only :-(
- Makes an annoying blue flashing light every few seconds, so it's the opposite of discrete :-(
- No volume control on headset, must be done from player

Good Looking ... Case

A sturdy good looking case into which you put the earbud, after which it automatically starts charging either from the inbuilt battery, or if it's plugged in from the USB power

It has a 3 hour runtime meaning I need to carry a second bud if I'm doing a Marathon or any kind of ultra.

Achilles Heel? Connection
A potential gotcha or even flaw that renders any Bluetooth earbud unusable is bad connection to your Smartphone or Bluetooth Audio Source.

This is indeed an issue for any earbud.

YES, you need to have the audio source at a fixed distance relative to the earbud.  So a wrist based TomTom Spark 3 does not really work  (plus TomTom has no way to adjust the volume and it can't be adjusted at the earbud, so it doubly does not work!)

Marcus' solution is normally to use a running belt/pouch with a smartphone inside a waterproof bag and in the pouch.

For Cycling, Decathlon do a special cycling jacket with 4 pockets and I place the phone on the right which is located on the side not back.

Using these 2 workarounds I have 100% constant connection and no breaks using this MIFO or 530 or 630 headset.


The design is waterproof by the way, to 1 metre for 30 minutes. Should therefore survive the washing machine without problem.

 The size and the design are pretty good.  A little too showy and glitzy for me but I could only find this design available in White.

The S630 is still easily more comfortable.

The biggest minus for these earphones is that whilst in use they have a flashing Blue light so it's rather obvious that you are listening to something, this can annoy others.

And So

I've used the Mifo U0 for a period of over 3 months now, for over 200 hours.   It's been reliable & reasonably comfortable.  The battery charger box is a welcome touch though it makes the whole package rather large.

I still prefer the S630 based on price, but I have to admit this is where the technology is going  (case + charger). The selling point is that whilst away from mains power you can put away the bud in the case and have it charge ready for the next 3 hours.

eBay Mifo U0
Running Pouch 2014
Running Pouch late 2016