Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Just Because You Can

Subtitle: Does not Mean you Should

As most colleagues know Marcus receives and reads/watches upwards of 800 articles and videos per day.

An increasing number such as this one above present the latest advances in technology.  And increasingly technology for an almost comically small price.

Is it tempting to put in an order for this technology,  such as shown above.

Marcus often sees things in relative terms.

- Marcus and Agata attending a fitness class   50 CHF
- Marcus and Agata, weekly food shopping, no frills, at Aldi or comparative baseline Supermarket  200 CHF  (or fancy Manor/other Boutique 350 CHF)
- Weekly carparking for 2 vehicles 50 CHF

So sure an 8"  Fire HD tablet at about 80 GBP/  100 CHF  might be seen as a bit of a steal.  We might perhaps hardly notice it in the scheme of things.


- Don't you already have a tablet, or perhaps several
- Why is this one going to be better than all your others
- If you get this one, do you promise to sell or gift the old one
- Don't you worry that you are basically going for greed over need

And so on.

Martin Solveig: Do it Right!

Just because you can afford it, does not mean that you should. Don't over consume your life, living life to the full shalt not mean full of crap!