Thursday, May 04, 2017

In Remembrance of Chocolate Easter Bunnies

It could be many factors:  Old Age, Senility, Fading Eyesight, but really, in 2017 Marcus and Agata thought that both in Switzerland and England the amount of Chocolate that was presented to buy at Easter was absolutely and totally 

Over the Top!

The Bad News
Having left our excellent Withings WS-30 internet weight scale in Switzerland  Marcus hopped on and after 3 weeks in England was horrified to find a +2.4Kg weight gain.

To put this in context.  Whilst in England

- Chocolates were consumed by exception only
- There were daily runs or cycles
- 2 timed Road Races
- No Easter Eggs were consumed at all

Absolutely Gutted.   

We try to console ourselves that surely had we gotten into an unlimited Easter Egg eating spree matters would just have been worse.

This is just a snipped of product we reluctantly passed by.  I still maintain, in 2017 local Supermarkets were pushing harder than ever to make us overdose on Easter Chocolate

 Yes, Marcus is totally and utterly gob-smacked.

The 100% ban on all Chocolate, except in an absolute emergency is going to hit hard in the Marcus and Agata household this year.

After 4 days of Running, Cycling, Zimfitting, Paddling Marcus is now down to +1.4Kg over race weight.  Must train harder :-)