Tuesday, May 16, 2017

In Praise of Computerphile

You might consider yourself interested in Computer Technology, but nobody can know everything.  And so this is just a polite reminder that for the curious and for IT specialists a YouTube subscription to Computerphile is highly recommended.

It is here


Computerphile is a product from the University of Nottingham in the UK and I'd summarise it as a series of videos that accurately explains the fundamentals, often topical,  within Computer Science.

Their speciality is to explain topics in a way that non IT specialists can understand them.  And so it's perfect for an IT person to refresh their knowledge on a topic, and for Marcus and Agata  to recommend their work as a reference to non IT friends and family who continuously pester us with annoying questions.  Or, as a tutorial to friends and family members who totally misunderstand messages given out by the non technical press, for example on End to End encryption.

I will leave you with just three examples.

(Also an associated channel is Numberphile, that is more theoretical in nature about Mathematics).

So,  do subscribe to Computerphile and when the next pub dumbass talks about the reason that Governments should have backdoor to fight the bad guys, or how they use the same password everywhere,  you can simply point them at these specific videos:

Computerphile: WannaCry

Computerphile: End to End Encryption

Computerphile: Password Cracking