Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Gruyere Running 2017

This is a report of Gruyere Running 2017 from Helen, Agata, Marcus and Heather.

We arrived over 1.5 ours early.  This was due in most part because we had to coordinate all arriving at Heather's house and then taking a leisurely non motorway route to Gruyere.

So we arrived nice and early and had plenty of time to buy our last minute race numbers and begin to study the course

We know from last year that whilst this goes around the lake it is constant up and down, so not at all flat.  It's sort of mountain by way of a thousand hills.

Marcus Race Commentary
First I had a fantastic race with a really good time for me of under 01:51 and in non dry conditions.  Over 5 minutes faster than last year in the dry and warm.

So really pleased.  And, no honestly it could have been so much better if any of us had started from the front.  We forgot that for the first 5Km there are numerous hills and single track paths where slow runners, well walkers in fact completely gum up the route.

You can overtake about 30 people but not 300 so I had to grumble internally to myself and walk and walk until the road opened up.

I found my descents very good, even in these relatively muddy conditions.

There was initially no rain but the track was lightly muddy.  But then light rain started, even Hail for a time, then back to light rain then stopped.

I had a blister on my left foot from a run 2 days back in unfamiliar shoes (that I used this day also!)  and it burst around 5Km so the run was painful even under the Compede plaster, I finished the 20Km course with really painful blisters on left and right, but for the last 5Km I did not feel the pain as I was having such a wonderful time.

 Runners on the last hill

 Agata and Helen, running together to the finish

 Marcus says: yes there was mud

Heather says:  no more paparazzi

For many people that last hill to the finish was a killer and an immediate sit down was required

Thanks so much to the organisers who kept the costs down, provided good refreshment stops  (no Gruyere cheese though??),  and to Helen and Heather for coming with Agata and Marcus and making this a wonderful day.