Monday, May 15, 2017

Eurovision 2017

Subtitle: Doing our Duty?

Surely it is the duty of every British or even European to sit down once per year and watch the Eurovision Song Contest.

As a child in the Marcus household it was a tradition and it seems one that was shared with my peers from all those years ago.

So now in 2017, in charge of our own desting Marcus and Agata choose to keep this tradition alive

Who to Vote For?

Just a few years ago the Eurovision voting system was overhauled.

It used to be purely a panel based voting system.  Now it is internal judges plus The Internet.

As British abroad Marcus was initially tempted to vote for UK,  this would boost the UK vote, and since you are not allowed to vote for your home country that you are living in  (UK people can't vote for the UK), this would be a subtle way to improve the UK  chances

Just 2 small problems

a) As stated above UK people are not supposed to vote for UK, so voting from Switzerland would be cheating
b) The UK entry was far from the best!

The Graphics

Maybe it is the emergence of full size multi colour digital backdrops but I found the visual effects, and the choreography absolutely stunning. So much so that this year I was actually glued to my seat and watched the entire performance in real time.   Yes, I did not have a (Internet) surfing break,  stop to go for a run, or troll off to another distraction.   This time they had me at 100%. Remarkable.

Why No Russia
This is the reason

2017 Eurovision
I felt that this year, broadcast from Ukraine the whole Eurovision package was very compelling.  Performers seemed to be having a great time.

Visuals as stated above were top notch and participants had varied and interesting choreography.

Ukraine several times stated the open-ness of their country particularly relevant of course because of the Russian Crimean annexation .  They were clearly making a point

Notable to Us
(aka one of these should have won IOHO!)

Maldova 2017

Italy 2017

Austria 2017