Sunday, May 07, 2017

Electric Bicycle Testing Lausanne

Subtitle: Tandem expose. Coming soon :-)

This article has a target audience:  Cyclists, but more than that restricted realistically to those in or near Lausanne Switzerland.

Road Cyclists
Until recently Marcus and Agata were pure road Cyclists.  However almost a year ago we did attend the Tandem Mountain Bike (VTT) demonstrations.  And this year it's available again.

Why Electric
Even if you are physically unit you can pedal an electric bicycle.  Although Electrics are considerably heavier than non electric the electrical assist provided can be the equivalent of a series professional cyclist.

So if you can actually ride a bicycle but have not due to fitness issues then an Electric bicycle can be a way to start.  Imagine that as your fitness improves you simply dial back the level of assistance, until finally you just use it as a booster, or as a way to get to work, or that meeting without arriving as a sweaty mess.

As die hard road cyclists we have recently been charmed by our recent exposure to Electrically assisted off road bicycles.   Just so much power from those batteries.  Quite mind boggling.

June 4 2017
Chalet a Gobet
Lausanne Switzerland

Tandem Brochure

Take note of the models, their purpose, oh, and the prices.

Driveby Photography

Besides looking at the brochure we smoozed around the Lausanne Tandem shop and took these cool photographs.

So then
If you are a cyclist, close to Lausanne then I urge you to check out the expose on June 4th.  If you live further away use the bicycle names displayed above and see where these machines are retailed close to you.

Tandem website