Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Easton EA 90 SLX Clincher Campag to Shimano Conversion

Subtitle:  Easton Wheels, Great Design!

This article explains how I eventually converted my Campagnolo 9 speed rear wheel to work perfectly on my Shimano Dura Ace 10 speed Bicycle.

In the Road Bicycle world there are 2 great Standards  Campagnolo and Shimano.

Going back to 1980 I was, and well I still am the proud owner of a Generation 1, Shimano Dura Ace equipped bicycle.  After what was a heart wrenchingly expensive purchase at the time  (my flatmate reminded me that my Bicycle was more expensive than his Fiat car) some years down the line I had some spare parts problems.

Shimano stopped selling the brake pads, and then since the pedals were non standard mounting to the crank, no other pedals could be fitted.   I was angry and vowed to switch to Campagnolo.

My second 'Uber Expensive' Bicycle was built by Condor Cycles of Grays Inn Road was to the Campagnolo Standard.

Therefore whilst I have personally owned two (or more) ultra high end bicycles of their time I feel that Shimano currently holds the hearts and minds of Road and perhaps Offroad cyclists.

Converting Campagnolo to Shimano
In 2013 I bought an Easton EA90 SLX rear wheel Campagnolo format.  This was to finally update my 1999 Condor Campag standard bike with more modern components.

But by 2016 I've sold the frame and Geartrain and I was left with a completely useless rear wheel, or was I?

Click and you will see this is a Campag 9 speed cassette

Take the cassette off and you see the Hub.  Pretty normal so far right

But wait, pull on the hub and it just comes off !!

Then I spent over 1.5 years searching for a Shimano R4 Cassette Body.   This is a hub that will slot in and give a Shimano format

I tried emailing and calling Easton but they refer you to distributors and retailers and in Switzerland nobody could help me.

But after scouring ebay and I really mean for 1.5 years (!!)  I found a second hand Shimano hub at a decent price (like not 100 GBP!)

It just works
I got the hub, pushed it in.  Then mounted the Shimano 10 speed cassette.

And for the last 3 months I've been riding it with Shimano 7900, 10 speed Dura Ace without incident.

Thanks Easton for a superbly designed wheelset that has (eventually) been modified to the Shimano standard.  I'll certainly consider Easton wheels in the future.

The current generation EA90 SLX clincher wheelset is 1400 grams.   Very light indeed.  (But not freely available outside of North America IMHO)


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