Monday, May 15, 2017

Climbing up the Wall of Infrastructure

We are so busy!  But in another frantic week we still would like to give credit where it is due.

Our main thanks is to Infrastructure, something that we create wherever we go.  Indeed,  no Prayers or Gods were involved,  just over a year of planning and thinking about Infrastructure and Tools that we lay down in every place that we call home.

Is very important in our lives

Hardware Infrastructure we define as a base set of services that we establish in any home to make our lives more easily livable. We all do this, for example, surely nobody would consider living in a house in 2017 without running water or a toilet.   In the same way we insist on 21st century essentials including

- A strong and stable :-)  Internet connection (and Backup)
- Wireless and preferably wired Networking thought our home
- A server, onsite backup and offsite backup for all our files
- A fully paperless document storage system.
- A lot of Music
- Storage for our Sports Gear and a Workshop
- Comprehensive Washing and Drying facilities esp. for Sports Clothes

Give us all of that; and we are pretty happy :-)

And to this Agata has found a new passion: Home Automation. So to the base level Infrastructure we will also Engineer and Integrate:

- 24x7 Location based monitoring of Marcus and Agata
- Geo based and Temperature Based and Environment monitoring
- Automated and Redundant Home Security
- Control of Heating and Lighting based on sensor information
- SmartHome Integration with Google Home and Alexa

Over the last few weeks Marcus reflected on what makes it all come together so smoothly

A plan

Our set of actions, to accomplish the task at hand. 

We would rather overplan than underplan.  We would rather over Engineer than under Engineer.

Spontaneity is something we employ when choosing a restaurant or impromptu run,  not when selecting our Household Infrastructure, something that once in will be there without major revision; for years.


Searching for a new House, Buying a New House, Moving house, Importing Cars, Buy Home Appliances, Moving a lifetimes possessions, Setting up a SmartHome.   All of these items require money, rather a lot of Money.

We try to employ Precision planning to minimise Redundancy,  buy the right items, once only,  from Trusted Suppliers at fair cost, and eliminate as far as is possible, last minute, oops, did not consider that, expensive, make-good project buys.


In order to give us Time, both Marcus and Agata concentrated 100% of their time, Monday to Sunday, 00:00 to 24:00 on making a project to perform our move.

It has taken us over 1.5 years.

The Partner

Shalamar: Night to Remember

As usual teamwork is key.  A problem shared is indeed a problem at least halved.  Without Agata, Marcus would not be able to continue and vice versa.

Friends not Family


We made recent plans to host our fantastic friends Robert and Hilary who volunteered and actually asked to come and see us. And many offers of help and assistance from friends the world over.  I must just contrast this with our biological families.   They made no such offer.


Martin: Intoxicated

Music as delivered by Spotify and YouTube and all made possible by the Internet has been our constant companion.  Whether it was cycling 40Km and back to setup a UK Bank account, or whilst trying to configure one or more Raspberry Pi3 automation computers.  Music continues to be our constant companion, friend and passion.
[NB: We carefully monitor everything so I can state with accuracy that Marcus' daily Spotify and BBC Radio 4 usual streaming load sits at anything upto 0.5GB.  Remember this is 2017 people!]

And So
There will be much to report in the coming months.  New lives, new experiences and the building of a Smart Home.  It all needs Infrastructure, and we just love Infrastructure and Planning.