Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Better than Eames Vitra

As Professional Engineers; Marcus and Agata are respectful of good design even if it is outside of our direct field of expertise.

Indeed we already have some original Vitra design classics at home here in Switzerland.

Recently though we had a request for a dining table and chairs so we set about our usual extended, exhausting if not exhaustive search for something appropriate to our lives.

(Readers may remember the 2 year+ search for the perfect bed base that resulted in stalemate.  No base was just right.   4 years later we are still sleeping on a mattress on the floor. We hoped this product search would be quicker :-)

Not the Eames Vitra

So if I mention that the 4 chairs we purchased are in fact a gift, you may wrongly assume that we chose against the original Eames due to a considerable saving in cost.

 That is not  true.  It is more to do with comfort.  Today the classic chair is available but without all round cushioning.  It is either a solid chair or one with a padded bottom.

To me, I absolutely hate hard plastic chairs that play mean with my back and in particular spine.   Not clever.  So an upholstered product had to be our choice.

And there is a sort of Eiffel base which still looks great.  To me that is the classic design element worth keeping.

Almost Screwed

 Imagine our angst; when having transported these chairs over 1200Km we find 4 chairs needing assembly, and only 3 packs of assembly screws.

And that is why children, you should always keep a jar of screws from previous projects.  After considerable searching we came up with the shortfall.  Hooray!

Learning Points
The most original classic design may not be the most appropriate to your needs.  For us when we factored in comfort; we believe our selection is both economical and comfortable.  It also give more than a nod to the original.  So that, if you know, you know.

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