Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Amazon Echo Look

Amazon Echo Look

Subtitle: Everything I did not want 

I was initially excited to hear that Amazon had introduced what I thought was a combined high resolution webcam combined with the Alexa personal assistant.

Until I saw the above video.

I nearly cried

I suppose I should  been alerted that it was from the AmazonFashion  Youtube channel.

In My Day
Well really back in the day there was no such thing as a WebCam, or in fact the World Wide Web.  But after both of those innovations; I've been a tremendous fan and advocate of all forms of High Resolution Webcam.

In fact, it's the reason why we recently upgraded our household to use 4K Webcams.  Because when you video call us we want you to get the very best possible visual experience possible.  And more than likely you can support a 4K download stream, and here in Switzerland with out practically infinite Internet connection we could run 20 4K video streams upstream and not notice the difference.

So why is the Echo Look the antithesis of what I was looking for?

+ It has Alexa
- It has a Webcam, but hey, lets not actually publish the specification anywhere
= Voice actvated camera,  meh, okay I suppose
--- Style Check: Advice from fashion specialists.  Hmm

I wish my life was so perfect that a significant concern in my daily grind was choosing which clothing outfit to wear as I left the house for that bigshot social or work meeting.

Meh.  My life is not so perfect.   When I go out cycling or running or swimming I instinctively know what clothes I should be wearing.   Hint Echo, the answers are: Cycling, Running, or Swimming clothes. And if it was to work, well a Suit and Tie.  Pretty easy huh!

So Amazon, please do publish the prices and specs of your Echo Look device, and its European availability.  Then I can look at it one more time and see if it deserves entry into the Marcus and Agata household, but based on a more down to earth suitability test.