Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Traîne-Savates race 2017

Yes, it is the first running race of the season.  We are doing this relatively easy 10Km competition at  Cheseaux sur Lausanne.

A race shared is always welcomed so we have co-opted our friend Marianna to help us.

We were there over an hour early

If we see this lady on our race something has gone disastrously wrong.

For some time were standing at the walkers race start (deserted) until we consulted a route map and realised the runners were, er, elsewhere.

Marcus Race Report

I finished my Bronchitis antibiotics last night.   I feel a lot better.  I can actually breathe easily post meds.  So the race started on time and I felt great!

Just before the off some random people next to me were chatting and I got the impression that the man was going to leave his female partner.

But 3Km into the race she was leading him and I thought a fine pace lady!  But I slowly edged ahead of her until we met again at the 5Km water stop.  I took it easy there and she caught me up.

I confessed that I was looking forward for her to being my  unofficial pacemaker and we set off together.  For the next 5Km I was trying hard to keep up and on the several hills she edged ahead, whilst on any down I caught up.

I finished the 10Km in 45 minutes.  Not a bad effort if I say so!

 Agata and Marianna, looking good, well of course!

So all is well,  my Salomon race shoes, not worn for months, gave me a left foot blister.  Surely with better shoes I could have run faster!   You see, making runners excuses already on the first race of this season.   That absolutely means I feel healthy again.

Traine-Savantes race website