Monday, April 10, 2017

To The Garden Centre Darling

RadMini Bikes

Hello from England.   We are here, but our Road Bicycles are sadly absent.

So we can only say that we almost 'hang our heads in shame'  as we have adopted a much easier form of transport this Sunday:  The Electric Mini Fat Bike.

We will do a full review when we have had more experience on this rather amazing device.  Suffice to say that a 750W (and I am not kidding) Electric Motor can push this heavy framed fat tyred bicycle upto 40 Km/h so fast as to be quite breath-taking / scary.

First we took our wheels to the car-wash,  that is what folks do on a Sunday right?

 Marcus' selfie technique is raised from totally pathetic to 'needs work'.

An amazingly solid piece of kit
Yes, We really did

Confirm our senility by driving, er I mean cycling to the Garden Centre for a pot of tea :-)