Sunday, April 09, 2017

Sunday:Honestly with Honesty

We spent some time yesterday shopping at our favourite Home Improvement store: IKEA.  Particularly in England  IKEA has revolutionised the Home Furniture and Furnishing available to anybody and everybody.

Going back to the 1980's the UK was full of DIY  (Do It Yourself) stores selling a variety of poorly designed, difficult to assemble and unattractive furniture at prices that were no bargain.  It was a sort of cartel of incompetence at the Retail level.

IKEA changed that, and in 2017 IKEA is the Homewares store that sets the standard to beat in the UK and I suspect many other countries

The Route Back
We had finished quite a long shopping session, paid and were waiting patiently at the lifts to the Car Park but the lifts were somehow stuck.

Time to check the Receipt.

We found that they had totally missed a complete Kallax storage unit

As usual Marcus and Agata need a joint decision, so we agreed to think what we should do independently and then shout it out

Agata: Go all the way back, re-queue, pay for Kallax
Marcus:  Go all the way back, grumpily moan, re-queue,  pay for the Kallax

As expected, we were in agreement.  So some while later, since the queues were long, we paid for Mr Kallax  (about 75 GBP) and eventually left the store.

- We were inconvenienced going back
- We could use the money well elsewhere
- We think IKEA furniture is fairly priced
- We will be using it for some time to come
- It's not smart to cheat the system, it is just Criminal
- Getting away with it would be for us getting away with stealing, not something to be proud of

Not the Reasons why we returned

- Because my God wanted me to
- Because if I did not I might go to Hell
- Because it is one of the 10 commandments,  oops, no it isn't!
- Because of Karma

- So we can tell our friends of our virtue  (self aggrandisement )

So why go back?

Because by our experience, understanding, and value system:

It's the right thing to do

Coldplay: Hymn for the Weekend

It's how we Roll