Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday Sermon: GOD is Disappointed in You

It may not seem to be intuitively true, at least at first pass to the Religious, but after reading this article I will predict that more Secular readers will be readying for the order button to

The reason?

Well it is because Atheists, or those who don't believe in any deity are normally better qualified than the card carrying, or so called "run of the mill Christians" to want to improve their knowledge of exactly what is said, and what is not said in the Bible.

Many Ex-Christians cite  their current secular stance was prompted by a closer analysis of the Bible.

What exactly does the Bible say?

This is what you too can discover by listening to this Audiobook.

In just under 6 hours and in a factual yet humorous style, any listener will be introduced in sequence to

And Islam?
I can say honestly and without fear of contradiction that no equivalent book exists to describe the 'Religion of Peace'.  And why so you may ask?

- Hardcore advocates [of Islam] refuse to believe that any English translation can accurately transfer the meaning of the Quran

- Anybody who has actually studied the Quran and associated texts will have found them muddled, contradictory and very confusing. Writing a definitive explanatory text is just not possible by definition.

- But mostly, it is the threat of violence and death against any author who would write such a text that is the bar.  Such threats would be from those who claim to be adherents of Islam and would usually quote the Quran to justify their murderous actions.

Whatever the issues raised from this Audiobook there is no suggestion, absolutely none that people claiming to be Christians would think of murdering this books authors.  As such it is my claim, which I continue to stand by; that Christianity [or Judaism] are far more tolerant, understanding and Civilised religions than Islam can ever hope to be.

Unfortunately being the least worst options does not make a text true.  And therein lies the rub.

Overall though, I would propose that you judge a religion or cult not only by the text of its' holy books but by the deeds and actions of the worst of its so-called adherents or most devout members.

Back to the Bible
For these reasons, whilst readers may be in shock after hearing exactly what the authors says the Christian Bible actually says, this is as nothing to what they actually read, perhaps for the first time their actual bible to surely dismiss parts of the Audiobook they cannot believe.  They will fail.

Spoiler alert: it is all true,  and now do you realise why a great number of atheists came to their non-faith position only after much study, debate and consequent soul-searching.

So please, especially to Christians, do listen to this book.  Find out why GOD is Disappointed in You.