Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday Sermon: The Case for Christ

Case for Christ Trailer

If you are a devout student of Religion as Marcus is you would no doubt be aware of the Case For Christ Movie that is now out. Well April 7th in the USA.  It is the subject of this Sunday's sermon.

Review: The Case for Christ

Here is MrDeity's review.  He is not a fan.

Personally I think Brian made a sufficient case for all students of religion to somewhat reluctantly give this movie a watch, so that we can make up our own minds.

And Finally
If you want something even more thought provoking I would ask you to listen to

Beyond Belief:  Truth

My favourite quote from this episode is:

Isn't it also true that we are in a climate where something is true if enough people believe it is true. 

I fear that is true.  I speak to six formers in the UK and it is quite commonly said by them before they have thought about it a great deal that if a group of people believe something then it is true for them, and if a different group believes something else then it is true for them, and it does not have to be true for everybody, and this is quite a widespread belief, and I think it has to be said we need more philosophy in schools.

But isn't that also true of the way religion works?

Perhaps now you too can become a Beyond Belief convert and subscriber :-)