Friday, April 21, 2017

Nexus 5X: Still Working

Grump On
In 2016 my 6 month old Nexus 5X failed for a second time.  But on return to Digitec and their Service provider Mobiletouch AG warranty repair was refused because of claimed water damage.

It took Digitec/ MobileTouch over 8 weeks to diagnose the problem, and they also charged me over 50CHF for inspection.   It transpired  the 8 week delay was because an email after 4 weeks was not received due to a Digitec email server mis-configuration.   In Post Mortem I diagnosed this and sent detailed technical diagnostic information to let them correct the error,  still Digitec refused to repair or replace the phone as a goodwill gesture. So I have bought a second Nexus 5X phone at about 330 CHF.

The phone was dead and sat in a cupboard for some months, but I repaired it and it has been alive for over 6 months now.

HOW?  Do please read on.  And then see if my Grumpy-ness is warranted.

Their Claim
Christian Scheuber of Digitec eventually provided 2 photographs to substantiate the  water damage claim.   I checked with the actual phone.   One photo was dust, and the second photo could have been some small perspiration entry.

I always religiously keep the phone is a plastic bag, and despite Digitec's water damage claim the phone failed suddenly whilst bone dry and has never been immersed in water or exposed to the rain.  It's sudden death failure, like the first time is still a mystery to me or was it .....

The Fix
- I opened the phone, using specialist tools from iFixit
- I removed the 10 screws holding the black mid casing
- I noticed the battery connector was NOT connected
- I reconnected the connector
- The phone started working

Basically:  un-bloody believable.

6 Months Later

Over time the Battery has become weaker so I bought a new battery from eBay seller yuehengtechnology.  10GBP including postage.  I know,  also unbelievable, but this time in a good way

Now I know how to open up the phone this second time the opening, Battery swap, closing took only about 10 minutes.

After re-assembly, guess what, the phone still works perfectly.

Android 7.1.2

So now I have an additional and good development Phone, and today I used it to test the OTA (Over the Air) update to Android 7.1.2.  In due course I will move this to my 'Production' phone.

No thanks to Digitec, and in contrast to their usual efficiency, I now own an additional Nexus 5X phone.  That cost me about 330 CHF. Digitec, you are not welcome.  If you read this Digitec and have a change of heart,  and would like to offer more than an apology, I am listening.

The phone you claim was water damaged was fixed by simply reconnecting a Battery cable and now after about 1.5 years of use I have replaced the original Battery and the phone continues to work. 100%.

Battery replacement on the Nexus 5X takes about 10 to 20 minutes and it still remains a technically excellent, reasonably priced phone, able to run the very very latest Android. 

Android O for Nexus 5X