Saturday, April 22, 2017

Let There be LED Light

Subtitle: I wish I was a little Bit Taller

I know what you might be thinking,  yes, our  new Home and already one of the ceiling lights have failed.

One tiny problem is they are several meters up and so specialist ladder is required for replacement.

Apart from this shocking unreliability, let me think 5 Bulbs each 60 Watts, 2 sets.  That is a shocking 600 Watts of lighting in one room. Are we living in the care free, energy free 80's?

I don't think so.

The Vintage Replacement

Yes, LED technology is here to the rescue and even using either Bayonet or E27 screw fitting.  It's a simple plug and play replacement.

Most Vintage LED look-alike replacements are 6 Watts and under, the 6W bulb claiming to substitute for a 60W incandescent light bulb.

But replacement equivalency depends on the colour of the light output, and with our soft light requirement we went to a more specialist 8W bulb,  not available from a Supermarket  (where Tesco for example retail 6W max), but from Amazon here.


On the highest steady run of the industrial ladder we borrowed from the builders I was about 10 cm short of being able to change the bulb

So by stretching and using both hands I was just; and I mean just able to change the bulb.   I was extremely worried about falling off and causing a terrible mess on the newly tiled floor.

Thankfully this did not happen and 5 light bulbs were changed ... eventually


Not only are these light bulbs ridiculously cheap, but they have a 25,000 hour life expectancy.   Let's assume we use them for 3 hours a day, ever day, then I should be changing them again in the year  2040.

I know,  it's totally bonkers.

With the success of the first batch all that remains is to order another set and change the remaining 5 bulbs over to LED.

An then the maximum load will be a mere 80 Watts not 600.

LED rules.

So Finally

Skee-Lo: I Wish