Monday, April 24, 2017


Sixpence: Kiss Me

Subtitle: Hopefully we deserve IT

Marcus would sadly surmise that when the World, or its inhabitants has treated you like shit, perhaps in Childhood, or Adolescence or under a string of brutal employers it is not something you can ever totally recover from.

It can be Abuse,  Bullying, Violence, Racism, Sexism.  Or a combination.

To Marcus these leave an indelible stamp that will be carried to ones grave.

However that said, right here and right now,  Marcus and Agata are experiencing a wonderful time in the UK

It's so easy to continue to 'look over ones shoulder' and think: Surely disaster is only one step away, but sometimes you have to believe that in Adulthood at least, and in the company of the friends that you choose to keep, life can start to be rather wonderful

So, to those who have suffered, we feel your pain.  But we hope you slowly begin transition a better place. The haunting echoes of the past shall begin to be displaced by a torrent of present day warmth.

I leave you with 

Being Comforted

Good and Bad Childhoods

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