Friday, April 07, 2017


Just a short note to confirm to family and friends, and well everybody that we are moving.  Of course it's not quite that simple ...

You can imagine that our move is only possible because Marcus and Agata collaborate together and share the load together for this most stressful experience.

DIY - of course?

Peter Gabriel: DIY

So we are making an International house move from our home of so many years in Lausanne Switzerland back to a country often called Blighty.  Let's just leave it at that.

In principal we wanted to outsource, by which I mean pay somebody else to move all our possessions and do all the quite tricky paperwork.

When Reality Strikes

- We had some Swiss quotes

- For a single move you are looking at over 5000 CHF.  That is over 4K GBP.

- And they want a single large move.  And that does not of course include our motor vehicles.  Hmm!

- We calculated that the consumables cost from Switzerland to our new home some 1100+ Km away is about:  Diesel 200 CHF,  French motorway tolls 200 CHF.  Ferry about 150 CHF. And of course our time and the stress of loading our Dethleffs motorhome (Stuart) multiple times

Some Statistics

On our dash our stats were:

We arrived in England at about 02.00 and after an hour of unloading and drinking tea it was time to park the still quite full Stuart and call it quits.

It was a chilly 3 degrees C, making it an easy decision to stop before everything was unpacked.

 It has been a single continuous journey of 1100 Km or so

 On the entire route Stuart managed an average consumption of about 10litres per 100 Km.

 The average speed is a decent 86 Kmh

 At our new forthcoming home we have already made at least one friend.

Minx told us that our new house is officially approved!

And Now

We have been awake now for 48 hours plus with just the odd hour or two of sleep.  So now it is time to relax in the bedroom that we designed.  

Happy Times

Goodnight to all!