Thursday, April 27, 2017

DeWalt DCD785 Power Tool Made Us Smile

Subtitle:  Happily Screwing

Marcus and Agata are just delighted with our DeWalt compact hammer drill and here is why

It Broke Down
Years ago Agata was presented a toolkit from her father and every time we use it we think fondly on him.   But after years of service the Bosch hammer drill contained within just broke down.

It was time for something new.  So we googled.

We found that these days you can buy a cordless Electric Drill.  And that it can also perform a hammer function.   

Relative Values

We have also owned several Bosch IXO electric compact screwdrivers.  We even got one with a motorised Wine Bottle opener!  We thought there was simply no better electric screwdriver.

But as of today we realised that we were so very very naive

DeWalt DCD785 Compact Hammer Drill Driver

At just over 130 GBP from a DIY store we unpacked our DeWalt DCD785.

There is the unit itself

2 x 1.5Ah Lithium Ion Batteries

A charger

No drill bits or adapters or ends

Yes it is Brilliant!
This device can be used either as a screwdriver or a Drill ( & Hammer Drill).  

There are 2 gears, Forward Reverse, Hammer Off/ On

A progressive on switch allowing you to continuously vary the RPM, necessary for screw-driving

Torque upto 60 Nm   ( much more than other entry level machines)

Able to drill into Concrete, Wood, Metal: basically anything

Compared to the Bosch IXO, there is absolutely no comparison

2 Batteries means 1 can be charging one whilst you use the other

4Ah batteries instead of 1.5Ah can be purchased separately

Torque sensitive chuck that you set between 1 and 14 so that it only screws upto that torque and freewheel ratchets after that.

 Some Sexy Pictures



We have now realised that the IXO is not so great after all, this DeWalt is just a whole new level of screwdriving and drilling.

Considering the price, really recommended.