Friday, April 14, 2017

Cromemco Table

Subtitle: Only 37 years in the Making

What you see if probably the final iteration of our Cromemco Computer table that we have recently installed into our new home.

It might have been 37 years in the making but actually we are at our generation #3 design already.

The decision to use some of Marcus' first computers as a table came as a solution to the problem as to where to place them in our new home.  The environment needed to be safe  (to counter theft),  and dry ( to counter damp and corrosion )  and accessible  ( so not in storage).

In Switzerland we have a large study, or failing that a dry and secure cave, the latter because every house in Switzerland must have a Nuclear Shelter or access to one.

However, in our new accommodation we are 'right-sizing',  this is a polite term for getting smaller and more cramped.  There is no cave!

Our initial idea was to find a disused sheet of glass and lay it on top of our 2 Cromemco computers.  Once is a Z2 and the other is a 250 for those who care about these things.  We found some double glazing panels but they were heavy, slightly cracked and probably a health risk with several sharp edges.

Attempt #2.  We Googled then Cycled to a Professional Glass cutter and found out about custom cut sheets of toughened glass, the different thicknesses and bevels etc.  Yesterday we got the price information.  Hmm.. Seemed unduly expensive.

Finally then we have selected the Delphinia Austin Coffee Table. To us this represents the perfect solution

- The Cromemco Computers are in a secure and dry location
- They can be easily moved to our study for occasional use
- They are beautifully presented under this glass sheet
- They are a daily reminder to us about our Computer heritage

So the next time you plan a visit we can even boot up Cromix and talk about the good old days :-)

Calvin: The 80's