Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Bullshit Long Range Speculation

I shall try to make this short, because by discussing the topic I do give it the air of publicity

I have always been critical of the Technical Press citing Fanboy Mockups,  or second or third hand references to new Product Launches.  And all too often without accurate citation.

Here is a recent example:

This is macrumours commenting on micgadgets claim about future iPhones in 2017.  No Really. 

But now an even more pointless, invidious, total WTF waste of time journalism is sprouting

1. Before product announce tech journalists make speculation
2. Even days before MWC (or other) they are still speculating

But worst of all

3. Shortly after announce of Gen n,  they immediately speculate on Gen n+1

Usually before Gen n is even shipping!

I refer you to  20170425 article from Techradar Cameron Faulkner

If only there was a way to edit out / remove such drivel from my automated information feeds that I process daily.

I fail to believe any tech savvy person is interested in seriously discussing the merits of the LG G7 phone when LG G6 is not freely available.

Bullshit journalism.

Please everybody, stop it

Generate new Innovative Content.  Something like articles from Gary Sims

LG G6's 18:9 aspect ratio