Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Another Rexel Auto+ 60 Shredder

Another Shredder

We make this report from our new Study where we are in desperate need of a Paper Shredder.

All our personal documents are scanned, backed up and archived.  But, after that the original documents are shredded.

We have used a faithful Rexel Auto+ 60 shredder for over 3 years now.  This device has had to work hard, almost every day, but it is still in Switzerland and is promised to a friend.

So what could we select as a new device?  Well, after a lot of research we concluded that in 2017 the best shredder under 100 GBP is still:

The Rexel Auto+ 60 shredder!

Rexel do other feeder shredders  but many simply have a larger bin ending up in a proportionately larger device.  And the shredder bin is already an adequate size for us.

Marcus did look at other manufacturers designs but nothing was so economical and cheap, for a auto feeder shredder.

So very reluctantly I ordered the same device for the second time. Reluctantly because I really thought that some years later the Shredder world would have much fancier devices.  However, it seems not.

So far Then?

This shredder operates perfectly.  Whilst the one we are gifting in Switzerland developed a quirk that has to have the top panel squashed to engage the auto feeder to any stacked papers.  Still that is the only small niggling fault after over 3 years.  Considering the < 100 GBP price, value for money is absolutely staggering.

Recommended.   We'll update you again in another few years :=)