Monday, March 13, 2017

We like: Asus EA-AC87 Router

Right now at home in Lausanne our mobile bottleneck is, or was, our Wireless Internet Infrastructure.

Whilst many of our household devices including Laptops and Phones are capable of AC networking, our house Wifi was backlevel.

We researched and came up with the ASUS EA-AC87 Router

The route is small and square.  You need to attach 4 aerials that come in the box separately.

For over 9 months now we have been happily using this router. You will see that the wireless speeds we can achieve are pretty remarkable, or insane depending on your viewpoint

Speedtest from my Lenovo U430 laptop, whilst surfing in bed.  Note that I upgraded the wireless to AC here

 From Left to Right: Nexus 5X (android),  Lumia 950 (Windows),  Applie iPhone 6 (iOS).

40MB/sec networking on my phone!

55MB/sec networking on my laptop!

Great job ASUS, for just over 110GBP,  130 CHF this router is flippin amazing.

Laptop AC upgrade speeds
Asus EA AC87 at Digitec