Monday, March 06, 2017

The Dirty Microwave Theory

What you see is not the inside of our microwave.  Nor could it ever be.  You see we have a small theory.  It's like this:

To get a good indication of the cleanliness of your friend, check out the inside of their microwave.  Visible signs of baked on food and grime tell us, well :

- A microwave cooks food quickly
- So you put the food in, wait impatiently, then more often than not take out the food and start eating
- Obvious ways to reduce food splatter include using a semi transparent plastic cover
- But it's never perfect and food particles still get out

In our house

- The outside of the Microwave is cleaned
- If there is a food explosion inside whilst cooking, the Microwave must be cleaned before eating commences
- In fact if the inside of the Microwave is not spotless we feel bad
- There are hygiene considerations, and that removing a recent food layer is easier that an old baked in one

As in larger life when issues arise we want to deal with them immediately.   We do not approve of leave them to fester.

So the next time you are around

Of course scrutinise the Study for signs of dust

Check that our guest room is immaculate and ready to receive you

But mostly,  check our Microwave, and confirm that you really can eat your dinner off of it.

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Clean Clean