Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Attack in Westminster

Any act of terrorism is no joking matter,  so to first state the facts of the attack on Westminster Bridge, London on Wednesday March 22, 2017

- A car drove into a crowd
- Over 20 people injured
- The attacker then got out of the car and fatally stabbed a Police Officer
- The attacker was shot dead
- Subsequently 2 of the injured people are pronounced dead from their injuries

The problem with this type of terrorism is that the implements of  the terror were physically just a knife and a car, items that are available to most every family living in the UK.

I re-iterate the problem, the issue.  It is this:  when even the smallest segment of your resident population or those you allow to enter have a world view that is so alien to that of the 'the man in the street'  these attacks cannot be entirely prevented.

Such views include:

- The end justifies the violent means
- That violent acts carried out indiscriminately against random inhabitants are justified  ' in support of the greater cause'

I don't feel people should joke about this kind of terrorism, nor speculate as to whether this is a Religiously motivated crime until further evidence is available.

In the context of a peaceful and multi-cultural and open society that the UK and London is particularly proud this kind of terrorism is particularly despicable.

Free speech is acceptable but when the motivations of this attack are finally known, those who have supported; and continue to support this kind of action, via either social media or any sort of public forum should be marked and tagged as the sick and depraved.  Such people are not welcome and should be permanently removed from UK society be they UK citizens or not.