Sunday, March 05, 2017

Sunday Sermon: The Desperate State of the Nation


It's been another troubling week in world politics from Marcus' perspective and I don't pretend to have all the solutions.

I can however state for the record that I am absolutely appalled by the games being placed in US political circles, predominantly by, you guessed it, the new Trump Administration.

What I would politely ask you to do is

a) Watch the above 90 second video.   That is not so difficult.  Think about all the irrelevant jibes that both major US parties are throwing at each other.   How many of these are misdirections?  Keep your eye on the real issues please people.

Hemant: Outside Test explained

b) Consider the Outsider test for Faith.  This is a principle popularised by the former Church of Christ minister John Loftus. The above video by Hemant Mehta explains the principle.   Please consider why you accept statements made by your Political Party as 'clearly true' and yet similar statements made by the opposition as 'Patently False'.  By what standard do you make these sure fire assessments.

Meanwhile: Just one of many poignant images that turned up in my RSS feed this last week:

A sign at the US Holocaust Museum

Extra Homework

John Loftus: The Outsider Interview

I am definitely pivoting from my initial point, but I'd rate the above 35 minute interview with John as great viewing, whether you are religious or not, or political or not.