Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Stuart and the Microwave

Will it Fit?

We always wanted a 240V mains powered microwave four our wonderful Dethleffs Motorhome  (Stuart).

However nearly 2 years later there was still nothing fitted.  But recently the electronics store Galaxus had a special offer and so after some shopping and carrying it it time for the big installation.

Will it fit?

Since this is a 20L microwave and all reports are than only a 17L capacity one will fit .... we are skeptical.

It not only fits, but fits easily.   Note the simplicity of this Daewoo KOR-6607 

So we recommend this because

- Very externally small 20L microwave  31.8Lx 44.9Hx 25.9H
- Simple manual controls
- Can start at 120W power to avoid surge current to Motorhome electronics
- Under 80 CHF  (cheap!!)

So now when we stay at campsites with AC mains hookup we will be able to re-heat our food an cook porridge and other simple foods in just minutes not tens of minutes.  Fan flippin tastic!