Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Static Caravans in Switzerland et al

Marcus and Agata still have an interest in Static Caravans or a Static Mobile Home as it may also be called.

But to summarise, just buying the home would be the easy part

A possible Plan
We have had a vision to spend some time, years in fact travelling.  But in reality this is a hard lifestyle to follow if you don't also have a home base.

But leaving your bricks and mortar home is not only insecure but costly.   Most countries have property taxes, utility bills and other regular costs that still need attending to even if you are on the other side of the planet.

So, a possible solution instead, if you recognise you will be away, say 70% of the time, could be to buy a Static Home, and use that as your 'principle home'.  But there are complications

+ Buying the home is actually the easiest part

- More difficult is where to put it!

- Swiss fixed home sites for example are not usually open 365 days per year.  So you would not be flexible to come back when you wanted

- Also we check with canton Vaud and its not clear they will allow this as a Primary residence in Switzerland, only a secondary one.  And this defeats the whole point of the exercise!

? There may be other countries like UK or Spain where these restrictions do not apply

+ If it is your secondary residence by law and you can give an.other primary residence location (say of a relation or parent) then you could be in business!

+ Most sites allow for post delivery

+ Site subscriptions can include a monthly all in cost inclusive of utilities like drainage, and you pay for electricity separately.

- Unlike bricks and mortar property we think this will be a depreciating asset, so typically consider your term of ownership, the resale value at end and therefore the cost in depreciation per year on your invested capital.

With that said.  Here is the fun part.  A tour of some homes we saw last year.  Whilst they are a little basic inside we feel that we could make it livable.  But Swiss law seems to be against us currently.  So right now, no deal in Switzerland   (and we already researched Spain last year and did not find a match there yet)

Arcabo Wave 107K CHF

Arcabo Serre 102K CHF

I placed the full list of photos at maximum resolution here