Friday, March 31, 2017

Samsung WW80H7600EW Washing Machine

Subtitle: Extreme Washing

We have one simple washing rule in our household.  After exercise wash everything.

And Marcus and Agata do a lot of exercise.

An additional washing sub rule is,  always have different outside and inside clothing,  and when we come home, place that outside clothing into the laundry basket immediately.

So the washing machine in our house is used daily, often multiple times.  And therefore the important factors to us are

- Simplicity of Machine Operation

- Quiet

- Large capacity

- Reliability

- Programs enough for Sports Clothes and Casual clothes

- Power saving features 

After much analysis we chose Samsung and this machine, with an 8Kg capacity, nice large window has so far been indispensable.   Again it is this model  WW80H7600EW.

It's best feature is its quiet operation.  Literally with the utility room door closed, then next door in the Open Plan lounge we can't hear its operation at all.  Fantastic.

So thank you Samsung, another great product and it leads us to really respect your brand, you are a manufacturer of not just   Smartphones, but so much more.

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