Thursday, March 09, 2017

Requiem for Gorilla

One of our most trusted computers in the Marcus and Agata household has departed from our home in Switzerland.  It is a bitter sweet day.

Minimalism and Moving
Increasingly over the years we have been interested in Minimalism.  It stems from the question:

How much is enough?

Do you need 5 computers in the house, or 10 pairs of running trousers, or 40 Business shirts?   Can you not manage with less?

This is one aspect why we thought to get rid of our until recently 'Main Workstation' computer called Gorilla.

And Moving
Soon we will be transferring our Primary Residence  (a Legal Term) from Switzerland to another country.  And then in the longer term maybe onward, and finally perhaps back again.

When you move house, perhaps thousands of miles/ kilometers you have to critically access

- What you can and cannot take with you
- The balance between cost and reality of not taking everything
- If you are downsizing, what just won't fit in your new apartment
- What legal issues are there for moving possessions, perhaps they want to sting you for import duty?
- What is the point of moving stuff you never used in the last X years

Moving, when you are paying for it, and you are planning it, and sorting out all the legal issues  (i.e. not an Expat,  somebody else please do everything move): In our case Marcus and Agata scrutinise every single possession we own.   Take, Leave, Gift, Discard.

Our  Loss

Our Workstation Gorilla was the central computer in our home for at least 3 years.

It just never let us down!   It was on for over 8 hours per day, it  reliably stored and processed Terabytes of Data.  Some more statistics

- Moved at least 0.5 TB data per day over our LAN

- Ran over 30 different Virtual Machines: From IBM OS/2,  to Cromemco Cromix, to Centos Linux, to SAP Hana.

- Had so much memory, it ran without a Swapfile.   Max memory that could be installed was 192 GB.

- Was the focal point for all our scanning and our occasional printing

- Typically had 3 and for a time 4 screens, each at resolution of 2560x1600.  Now that is a lot of pixels, and screen real estate.

- Had multi Gigabit Networking,  one 400 MB/second trunk and 3 other Ethernets

- Had 2 Processor Sockets, and 12 CPU's and 24 threads.  A monster!

Was Microsoft Storage Spaces compatible so could make Hybrid SSD + HDD combos.

Built using the highest quality components including an Ultra Silent Lian Li chassis

With nice touches like quick release card slots.

 And a power supply so large it could cope with anything!

Dear Gorilla

We know that you will work hard for your new owner and continue to deliver amazing performance and reliability to them as you did for us.

Thanks for never letting us down.  Ever.