Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Tuesday Sermon: Leaving Westboro

Megan Phelps-Roper: Leaving Westboro

As I reference this talk I have to balance the publicity I am giving to a [former] hate figure whose celebrity is now due to them 'no longer being morally reprehensible'.

In other words they had a position, call it 'an evil position', or 'an unthinking position' or a position 'out of ignorance'  and now having reverted back to a  'normal'  where I define 'normal' as generally accepted by Western Society, they get the credit.

If we can tally up all the hurt, the malice and offence that Westboro Baptist Church has pushed into the world, against the no doubt good that this video has done to redress the balance:  Well Megan,  IMHO I think a lifetime of apology and re-dress will not be enough.

To me there is a profound difference between say having a Religious viewpoint that by pretty much any standard has sought to cause harm and division, and that is now discarded....  

And by contrast  John W Loftus' de-conversion from Christianity over time as he wrestled with the inconsistencies of the Christian faith.   So if you missed my Sunday Sermon then stop watching the above and watch this instead!

John W Loftus: An Interview

Extra Homework Euthyphro Dilemma
(How can you be moral without God/ Surely Morality is defined by God)

Morality is not derived from God  (first 2 minutes only)

I'm pivoting again, but I was just asked [yet again] the question by friends: How can you be moral without God?  It's an old chestnut of a question, and an old chestnut of an answer as given above.

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