Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Marcus and Agata: State of the Scooter Address

Marcus and Agata are great proponents of the Push scooter.  This is a short update on our rides.

Why Scooter?
I'd recommend a Scooter as a thoroughly practical urban transport vehicle.

Over short distances of say less than 3Km, and in dry and reasonably level environments you can quickly move at average speeds of over 10Km from place to place.    When not in use you can carry a sub 5Kg scooter with ease and take it on the metro or put it into the boot of your car.

Not only will a scooter save you time it will also get you considerably fitter.

Lastly it's a simple a cheap form of transport so extremely good value for money.

Our Scooter Articles
We have written before on our Scooter experiences including what parameters make an excellent scooter.  References Here  . But just quickly

+ Pretty much the lighter the better
+ A folding scooter is with few exceptions the best design because it's portable, whereas the 'trick' fixed scooters may be more rigid but they are worse on non skate park i.e. urban pavement environments.  If you need town and long distances and practicality choose folding.
+ A solid and reliable clamp mechanism to lock the steering mechanism is essential.   You don't want the risk of your scooter folding whilst you are travelling at speeds which can be in excess of  20Km/h.
+ A low deck height and big wheels are desirable.  Big wheels ride better on poor surfaces.  Low deck height means between pushes of the scooter your body does not have to raise and lower so far, so more efficient. To get a low deck height the frame usually curves up at the pack (otherwise your deck will be at least as high as the radius of the wheel which for a 200mm wheel is 100mm and that's too high)

Agata's Blazer

Marcus' Razor Version 2 (not)

After lots of research, & with much regret, I could not find a better scooter than the existing Razor A5 Lux so I bought a replacement one as shown above.

After an afternoon I found that the front locking mechanism was loose and could not be tightened up with the Allen key adjustment. Manufacturing defect.  So I had to return the scooter.

I am now back with the original Razor show above here.  Hmm!

The Future

We firmly believe in a 2 scooter future strategy each.  For short journeys we recommend the Razor or equivalent push scooter.  For longer journeys we are thinking about the new generation of Carbon Fibre Electric scooters.

I investigated many designs at CES 2017 and in a nutshell

- Carbon Fibre to get total weight < 7Kg. Absolutely astonishing!
- Lithium Ion batteries, in the downtube
- Front brake
- Foldable design: Means allowed on Swiss metro without extra ticket for example
- Front Light Good integration
- Digital Display
- Typically 24V electronics, and 250W+ batteries

This is a ground breaking. Why? Because an adult push scooter can easily weigh 5Kg so this design includes a brake and a motor and a light for practically the same weight.

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