Monday, March 20, 2017

Honesty: It's how we Roll

What you see is a failing component of Marcus's new Server computer.

But I count myself very lucky. How so?

As I reported on March 9th 2017 I recently sold our beloved server, aptly nicknamed Gorilla in a further  effort to de-clutter and simplify our lives.

NB:Actually Marcus and Agata are now down to 1 Workstation computer in the entire household.

At the time I thought to exchange the 1.2KW (!!) Cooler Master Power Supply in Gorilla, for the ancient but still working 1.0KW (!!)  Cooler Master power supply I put into our new server Athena.

New server gets the newest components,  right ?

But I did not.  And why?

- But just before the sale I thought it imprudent to change the working server Gorilla that I was selling
- When we sell items, principally on Anibis,  we test and re-test prior to sale
- We are not selling dodgy items, ripoff items, or items that don't work as described
- We are not asking high prices,  although we really need the money,  we ask fair value prices only.  We never price to what the market will stand for example.

And so the sale was made.

Less than 5 days later our new server Athena kept crashing.  At first every day, then every 2 hours, then every 15 minutes.  Long story short:

It is the 1KW Cooler Master Power supply shown above. It really has had enough!

Imagine our embarrassment if we had swapped Power Supplies and sold our server Gorilla which would have likely broken down in just 5 days.

Now of course such a might have been legal a case of caveat emptor but to our mind this would be an unsatisfactory excuse.

We might have saved ourselves 200CHF (180 GBP) the cost of a replacement Power Supply (PSU) but at a cost to our Integrity and Professionalism.

Meanwhile Athena is back with a temporary power supply cannibalised from my 35+ year old vintage computer  (see here ), until I order a new PSU. After 36 hours of burn in without error I conclude it really is the power Supply and not an electrical short/ come overload that is the root cause.

How We Roll
Honesty, Integrity and Transparency are vitally important to us.

We also aim to be:       A safe pair of hands

Should we do business with you or interact with you socially we'd like you to behave to the same standard.

Life is just too short to mess around with the charlatan or the insincere.