Saturday, March 04, 2017

Happy Birthday Agata

Faithless: See U More

Marcus shares something in common with much of the adult population. Well hopefully.

Part of the segment who are deeply in love with their partner.  In my case the wonderful Agata.   I  wonder on an almost daily basis how I could have found such a fantastically capable and loving partner.

I don't want to diminish the sentiment, but as an Engineer and Geek my stereotypical expectations were set pretty low by others.   Years ago it was expected that super-techy people would and should be interested in hardware and not people.  Strangely this was never the case for Marcus,  I always enjoyed and rather preferred the company of my Intellectual female friends.

I don't know of any finer things in life than the affection, care and support that is reciprocated between two consenting adults.

And so with not much further ado.   Some more sentiments laid bare.

Yes: You and I

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