Sunday, March 12, 2017

Habitat Lausanne 2017

If you disregard my conclusions (don't go) then if you read this on a Sunday morning in Lausanne Switzerland, you just have time to go to the last day of Habitat Lausanne

My Mistake
I was confusing Habitat Lausanne with Comptoir Suisse

The former is more of a trade show, where new building technologies in heating and building are shown, and also a smaller exhibition of Kitchens, bathrooms, and some home automation.

The latter (Comptoir Suisse) is more Consumer focused and has traditional Swiss products  (food!) as well as a large selection of Furniture and fittings for the home.

So, onto Habitat Jardin.  By the way the entrance is 16 CHF per person.

Velux Electrics
 Existing Velux windows can be retrofitted with an electrically operated blind.  The motor unit sits in the bottom and goes up and down storing the blind inside the housing.  Power is either mains or via an externally connected solar panel and battery.

Bar Stools

We are searching.  This is the most interesting of what we saw

Entrance Chairs
Again we are searching and we found this

Well the shocker is that a Swiss manufactured tap comes in at usually almost 1000 CHF  ( 800 GBP!).   Quite a lot to pay for a tap I can tell you.

But again we are looking.

And Finally

 Bang and Olufsen stand

 Nice headboard

 Quite a few Stylish lounge presentations,  I did not check the prices!

 iQOS cigarettes are there.

Beautiful though expensive radiators

If you want to look at home furnishings then Habitat Lausanne is probably as good as it gets until the September better Comptoir Suisse.  It's 16 CHF per person and Sunday 12 March is the last day.  For me it was not quite worth it, but your mileage may differ.