Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Geneva Motorshow 2017, The Fugly

It time for day #3 of our review of the 2017 Geneva Motorshow.  Today the task is to talk about the biggest disappointments or horrors.  And what better way to start than with: 

For 2017 Honda have made some minor tweaks to their existing Hot hatch.  Overall I did not think they could possibly have made the car any worse than the 2016 issue, but sometimes Honda is just full of surprises.

Okay the wheels look good, but look at the amateurishly attached body kit around the wheel-arches.  Unfortunately we are just getting started.

Perhaps the most ridiculous design aspect is the gaudy and rather unnecessarily large rear spoiler.  I think the rear light clusters have been changed to make the back look even more stupid.  And then there are the uneven exhausts.

Any prospective owner should perhaps Google the 2 effects of a rear car spoiler   (laminar flow and downforce) and understand the size of the benefit they have at the legal speed limit in your country.

In order to guarantee the car is slow to accelerate, more difficult to drive in traffic, and slower around a track only a manual gearbox is available.   Brilliant Honda.  Not.  Do I have to buy a NSX to get a Dual Clutch gearbox from this company?  Well, yes, apparently so

The 2017 Honda Civic Type R is a travesty compared to the original compact and functional Type R.  Over the years the styling has not just got clumsy but is not fit for purpose, well if we define purpose as a nimble sportscar.

The car is now elephant sized and with 5 doors.  

They never thought to develop 4 wheel drive, only a large spoiler.

Please don't buy this car, because then Honda may change its design to something that Honda sportscar owners really want and not this fat ugly blob.

A prototype produced literally just down the road from our home in Lausanne.   But technical details at the show and on the web are so scarce I thought it might actually be a wind up.  But Swiss, so surely not!   The specs above don't seem to add up,  1000Km range and a 500W solar roof.  Send me one to test!  

Zenvo TS1 GT

Apart from this Clarkson video  I have no evidence that the production car actually exists.   There is a website to describe this Danish, 1000BHP plus hypercar but no test reports or owner stories I can find on Google.    So I think though I have seen it for some years at each yearly Geneva show, I suspect it is not yet ready for actual production.   Hmm.

Most years at Geneva they turn up with some bonkers prototypes. This year the Exhibitor told me this was made in only 17 weeks.  We knew of an acquaintance with a Prowler in Swtizerland and the car did not have Swiss legal headlights so could not [legally] be driven in the dark, I wonder about the above.

And Spoilers

Points can be awarded to yourself if you can instinctively identify these cars without looking.

Inspired by Fashion?

Dawn: Inspired by Fashion.

First I principally object to any design that is 'Inspired by Fashion'. Inspired by what is right, what is good, what is clean, what is best Engineered might be alternative design points I would be comfortable with.

As such I was amused to see the calibre of people that I observed at the stand

Perhaps these Gentleman could spent less money on their phones and more on their trousers.

For all the photographs that we took at the Geneva Motorshow, at higher resolution please check this link

So that is it for another year.  We still rate Geneva as the best Motor Show in the world based on Manufacturer attendance,  Stand layout and number of Premieres.   Please consider attending with us next year :-)