Sunday, March 26, 2017

Gambling with Less

As previously documented Marcus and Agata are in the implementation phases of a move.  And there is nothing like this life change to literally make you question which of your possessions, friends and things that you think you hold dear, are actually important .. or not.

Yesterday we just sold the above Karcher Steam Cleaner.

It's a good example of something that had to go ....

- The Karcher Steam Cleaner, is what it sounds like, something that can steam clean surfaces.
- For example you can clear mould off the patio,  or using the Steam make sure your tiled kitchen floor is sterile and super clean
- Like every single purchase we have make; we researched the topic, the manufacturers, the models.   I mean that we spent some effort in choice.  This was not a random "Oh it looks shiny and perhaps useful honey" purchase
- During our ownership however we did not use it many times, in fact it looks like new
- It does take up space
- I can't think of a time where it's use was essential, i.e. without it, we would never have been screwed

Why Today It's Wise to Gamble

In contrast to Marcus and Agata's parents generation in Europe, or indeed today in some parts of the developing world where products were scarce,  today we live in a time of excess production.

And constantly falling prices.

To us it does not make sense, only by exception, to store multiple, i.e. duplicate products in any home, because these products are only an Internet order away.

This is especially true for products based on technology which tomorrow tend to be cheaper and higher function/ faster than today.

The exceptions then are limited to

- You have this thing, but manufacturers are cheapening up the replacement thing.  So then buy more today
- The item you use and need and will need more of will actually cost significantly more in the future
- The item you have, just won't be made in the future

Down To Then
- 1 active computer system each !   Almost heracy since Agata and Marcus are both IT people
- 1 bicycle each.  Again, unwarranted longer term, since we cycle over 5K per year.
- Minimal Sports Clothing:   Yes, until we are down to are last pairs of clothing in some categories, no more Sports Clothes until we really have worn out our existing collections.
- Marcus now owns only a handful of formal clothing, down from over 15 suits and over 40 top quality business shirty

Expenses Freeze
Our joint household new purchases committee is in statis!  I am no longer browsing
- The daily Scan

We strive to reduce our inventory not grow it no matter what bargains are presented to us.

Our list of Surplus sales is of course  currently here

Zen Benefits

Here is further proof.  Where once there were two large racks of Computers, now there are none.

So clean, so Zen.  We are loving the new found simplicity and reduction of choice.

I leave you with something Zen and Simple. Stripped down to the bare essentials in fact.

David Sylvian/ Japan: Nightporter