Saturday, March 25, 2017

Chronic Bronchitis, A Celebration

At first it might seems strange to have the word Celebration in the title, but really it is correct.

After over 6 months of failing health Marcus has finally a diagnosis, and a expensive cocktail of drugs to combat this infection

Some Drugs


Art Installation

If I tell you there is some sort of feel good Art Installation at the Doctors you can imagine that I am sort of concerned about the Invoice that is coming my way soon.

After the tests and scans and doctors consultancy I have visited the Pharmacy for Drugs and this was a true 'pocket lightening' exerience

How Healthcare Works in Switzerland

Just a quick reminder how it works in Switzerland re medicine.

First I'm talking about residents, not visitors.

- By Law you must enroll in a Private Health Insurance
- This is costly but by selecting a 'franchise' you can elect to pay the first X   CHF of any treatment yearly.
- Even with the maximum Franchise the cost per month is astronomical
- If you are working then Accidents are covered by your Employer
- If you are not working then you pay an increased premium so that Accidents and Illness are covered by you
- But with our Maximum Franchise it means we have to pay all these drug and scan and doctor costs personally,  oh and the Private Health Charge.

- On the plus side once you have seen the Doctor the system works efficiently and Scans and Consultants can't wait to see you and send you a very large bill.

How is it going

So it is day#4 of my drug regime.  I'm taking everything faithfully on time as requested by the doctor.

Some of my drugs are just enablers, i.e. they improve lung function, but as soon as you stop taking them you'd relapse.  Well because they are not attempting to cure anything.

But other drugs are anti-biotics, so hopefully they will kill all the bad  (well and unfortunately good) things.   Then I have to rebuild using my body's chemistry.

Celebration Run

To celebrate we have been trying to put in at least a 10Km run daily and perhaps even throw in some walking and Cycling.

Photographs here from Marcus' venture 'up North' to Avenches

Everybody is smiling!

With my already improved lung function running becomes somehow easier, well I am not gasping for breath whilst jogging.  Got to be a plus right?

And So
Well,  I really feel an improvement, and I hope within one month to be back to full athletic potential.

NHS Bronchitis