Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Besotted with Jeffrey Archer

For the last month or so Marcus and Agata have been seen walking around our apartment seemingly ignoring each other but evidentally in deep concentration.

We have been glued, i.e. addicted to Jeffrey Archer!

It all came about when one day we noticed that the Jeffrey Archer novel /Only Time Will Tell/ was available free at audible.  We downloaded and started to listen,  oh, we were so innocent.

Instead of the audiobook finishing happily every after we were astonished to find that the novel ended on a cliffhanger.

Some Google moments later Marcus found out that this book is just the first part of the series known as the Clifton Chronicles.  We fell for Audible's teaser hook line and sinker as we have began to order the rest of the series.  Doh!

Many years ago I was always told that Jeffrey Archer novels were simplistic and not serious literature.  I foolishly took that advice without checking it out for myself.  And later in life Jeffrey was convicted for perjury and so I thought  "yep, I was right, definitely don't want to read novels by that ex convict!".

How wrong I was!

This is the audible link to the Clifton Chronicles

This is the Amazon link

This is the kind of smile that Agata wears as we go out on cycle rides this March.  She is so happy to be listening to Jeffrey Archer that our daily training rides can even be extended without a second thought.

Who would have thought Jeffrey Archer is responsible for our advanced Springtime training going so well.

Thank you Jeffrey, we are currently in Audible heaven :-)