Friday, February 10, 2017

What is Gambled in Vegas Stays in Vegas

We are back to events of Tuesday Jan 10th in Las Vegas.  We are neither big gamblers or shoppers these days but we endeavoured to get into the spirit of things

More Serious Shopping
Realistically as extremely particular people who are minimalists we did not have high expectations of finding anything.  Nevetheless we headed out to the Premium Outlets North

I really wanted to pickup some light minimalist front footing running shoes.   But despite several shops and hours of searching: nothing.  Of course we took our specialist running socks with us, and we tried the shoes on at about noon so foot swelling was midpoint for the day.

It turns out the outlets were selling, without exception, last season's shoes, and the prices that we compared online with Europe were similar.  So in fact, absolutely no reason to buy, unless you actually needed another racing shoe this week, which we did not.

I even tried a shop with my name.  Still nothing.

Agata had better luck with her almost famous brand:  Under Armour.   One might say Amour for the Armour.

Marcus had more success taking photos in inappropriate places

Walking the Strip
During CES we did not have time to walk the strip.  But today we have the time and the energy  (Agata's marathon injury is now almost recovered)

We have been to Vegas multiple times, but gambling or not it always strongly imprints its presence on our impressionable minds.

Let's Gamble
With sound mathematics behind us, quite a lot of Google refresher reading, we payed some casinos to try and win big, or strategy #2 to hopefully win something

Obviously we are playing BlackJack,  what else!

Don't disturb me husband I'm going to win BIG!

Marcus strategy #3, try and balance the losses with comp  (free) Margaritas.

It will come as no surprise that we left the Casio(s) slightly poorer than on entry.  We can say that we lost very slowly.

Night Sights
Our RV resort is over 10Km away so we plan to the end of the Strip, checkout the #crazies and when we get bored Uber it home.

And talking of crazy

Taking liberties

We continue to be amused that the Pharmacy is a sure fire seller of a large range of alcohol.

The end of day on the Strip.   We helped some Casinos along with our  -ve Gambling wins,  we checked out so many different Running Shoes and sports gear,  we got our 20K walking steps in for the day.   Good times.

Forward: Leaving Las Vegas