Wednesday, February 15, 2017


For many years Marcus experienced a solitary Valentine's day experience. I recall one particular close family relation who used to ring up and say (sic): "Poor Marcus, ..." . I used to think, don't give up your day job to become a Standup Comedian.
And so, now I'm happy to report, yes well Feb 14 2917, it was far from solitary, but that Agata and Marcus had another brilliant Valentine's day

7 deadly sins run #1

Our initial plan this week was to run at least 5 races. But we are really , #really busy this week.  So all I could encourage Agata to run today was a trivial 1/2 marathon.

Ragley Hall Tour

Marcus put in a bid to receive valuable Husband credits by booking a special Valentine's day tour of our local Ragley Hall.

Rumour has it that they can see our house from their house.  

Valentine Cream Tea

Cream tea, and it turns out a whole tower of additional goodies.   Rather nice.


Let me say, we shopped responsibly with restraint

And finally

When you finally have a partner that loves you back, and makes you feel great,  it becomes so easy to reciprocate.  We hope those reading this have found or will find their match forthwith.