Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Towards the Oasis

Today we report on our first day post CES.  The Agenda was simple: move to a fancier RV resort and get our laundry done!

Perhaps one explanation why the Circus Circus RV park was not fully booked is that the Laundry was closed.  In a small argument we had at checkin we found out that the nearest facility would be several miles away,  so all we would need to do is drive a motorhome through crowded Vegas and back.  No thanks.

On this morning there was more admin:

Toilet Training

In a European motorhome toilet waste goes into a small removable plastic cassette, visibly like an aircraft carryon bag, with wheels.   You take this say daily to empty and clean.

In America the black tank of a motorhome is not removable.

There is a large hose that you need to connect to the combined exit of both the Grey  (sink/ shower) tank and the Black (toilet) tank:

 To a hole in the ground.  It was our first time.  We moved very slowly.  The last thing we wanted is a load of sh** quite literally spilling everywhere.

First you drain the black tank, then you wash out the pipe by flushing the Grey water tank.   It seemed to work, but we wore disposable gloves as a precaution.

Time to leave and Hit the Road

Relative to all the other monster sized RV's we had seen at the park and on the roads so far our moderately sized Class C motorohome could almost be regarded as manoeuvrable.   

This motorhome is equipped with a 5.4 Litre V8 Engine.  In a nutshell it really moves, but since it is over 2 tonnes,  stopping needs to be planned in advance. 

We will be presenting a full motorhome review in due course. In a nutshell,  imagine a horrendous dark wood Colonial Style residence set in about 1890 you have the interior decor of an American Motorhome

Interiors:  Not exactly Back to the Future

Frys Electronics
When Marcus lived in America,  Fry's Electronics was almost at the top of my computer shopping food chain.  As the above image suggests I feel things have gone downmarket in recent times.

We did not find what we were looking for but we were strongly reminded that the choice is large, American customer service is friendly  (though often not informative), and things are indeed simply bigger over there.

Oasis RV Resort

We booked online to the Oasis RV Resort earlier.  Arrived after our shopping in the mid afternoon.  Perhaps they might not have let us is in they realised what a microscopically small motor home we driving.

Nearly every resident had a full Coach sizes motorhome.   One of our first stops was the onsite Launderette.    The launderette at the previous CES RV park was closed,  we had really a lot to do.

In the launderette I was amused to hear the conversation between two families about how many slide-out their rigs had and why they were so necessary.

Slide-outs, i.e. a part of the motorhome that slides out when you park up are unheard of on European motorhomes.

We found this hero in a full size Coach motorhome, towing a pickup, towing a trailer carrying 2 offroad buggies and a motorcycle.  Un flippin believable.

Oasis Resort Booking

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