Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Body Positive

Louis Rossmann: The Body Positive

The back story is that I recently sold an Ultrasonic cleaner to a nice Swedish man living in Switzerland.  We both have a passion for computers and he mentioned that for Apple repairs I should seek out the YouTube channel of Louis Rossmann.

So YouTube then
We now have over 300 YouTube subscriptions with varying levels of content.   So it is no exaggeration that instead of tuning into [Internet streamed] TV channels; much of our daily learning comes from watching daily updates.

And I can do this whilst on the Metro, on my SmartTV or even on a spare monitor on my server, whilst I'm otherwise working. [As I am writing this article in fact!]

Louis Rossmann is most recently famous for his Apple repair tutorials.  And know how difficult it is to shoot and edit anything, whilst solo, and actually do something useful, his content is absolutely frikking amazing.

But the above video is all about something completely different.  In a nutshell taking time to keep in better rather than worse shape.  Daily exercise,  not eating Crap all the time,  for those without medical issues: not accepting obesity,  and not inventing medical issues!  Not rocket science.

So I subscribed.   It is great.  So great.