Friday, February 17, 2017

President Trump Holds a Press Conference

A Press Conference

Firstly, if you care about World Affairs then I'd recommend that you do subscribe to the White House YouTube channel.

Once subscribed you then have the option to watch some of the videos.

And, oh boy, the one shown above, unimaginatively titled:

President Trump Holds a Press Conference

is well, quite extraordinary, but not I feel in a good way.  I've watched and listened to American Presidents talk, and whilst I've not always agreed to what they were saying,  at least it was well structured and made Logical sense, as opposed to

- Unstructured
- Rambling
- Reeking of Paranoia

I cannot begin to say how shockingly inappropriate I found this display of quite frankly Ineptitude.   Quite honestly I hope that you don't believe my words and want to refute my statements with your own counter point.  So then please start at the hour (60 minute) mark, and watch the next 90 minutes,  because I f*****ing had to.  It was my duty as a citizen of the world, acknowledging that America's actions have a profound influence on my European world and in fact that of the whole world.

Bingo Card
To keep you awake, you can all play a tragic game of Bingo.   I wrote down some of the more unusual (yes, I am that diplomatic) parts of the speech.   Your challenge is :

  1. Gather some friends and family
  2. Watch the above video
  3. Tissues and Refreshments are optional
  4. Every time one of the following phrases from the speech is heard you can shout DONALD
  5. The winner is the person in your group that gets the most DONALD calls in first.
  6. Score Double points if you find more astonishing lines.  

You know what uranium is, right?

The leaks are absolutely real. The news is fake, because so much of the news is fake

Flynn did nothing wrong

Drugs are becoming cheaper than candy bars

Nuclear holocaust would be like no other

I've done nothing for Russia. Hillary Clinton gave them 20 percent of our uranium

I’m not ranting and raving

I'm really not a bad person

I didn't divide this country, it was divided when I got here

There are two Chicagos - one is posh, safe; one is crime-ridden

I'm the least racist person, least anti-semitic person around

The whole Russian thing is a ruse

Just one More Thing
Here is the transcript  (annotated)

22.00 Update

The eloquent Trevor Noah now of the Daily Show adds his perspective on the speech too