Wednesday, February 22, 2017

More Nordic Skiing in Vaud

Depeche: Walking In My Shoes

Over dinner last night Marcus failed to get sympathy from friends with a complaint that almost every muscle in my body seemed to be aching. I explained that the 2 hour plus Nordic Skiing session at lunchtime was quite tough today.

So more seriously,  we are grateful for all the Winter Sport opportunities that Lausanne and the environment here in Canton Vaud Switzerland provides. 

With temperatures hitting an all time high this week, I would say there is an obligation on all athletes to get out there before the big melt ...

Running Chalet a Gobet

Which route shall we choose today?

I know, perhaps I should try a little harder

And Nordics

 Today Marcus is not on Childminder duty

With Global Warming and Old Age to come, the time is now to get out and exercise.  Don't delay.