Thursday, February 02, 2017

Marathon #3 Long Beach

Marcus Finishes Again

Our Flashback to our American holiday continues.  You know in those heady last days when the President of the United States was the young and athletic Barrack Obama.

So to the events of January 2nd 2017.   Yes it's another marathon in Long Beach California

Today we have a 07.30 start and the extra hour in bed was very welcome though getting to the start was not so easy.

Yesterday at the end of Agata's 2nd marathon it became clear that her right calf was damaged and she was in agony.  And the short night of rest did not improve matters.

Simply walking to the start was painful so Marcus suggested Agata do a 5Km walk/plod whilst Marcus attempted the Marathon:

Race Report
As in previous days it started out cold but once daylight surfaced it got nice and toasty warm

Today I am back to the flat running and cycling path next to the Ocean.   It is just perfect for runners

At one point on the course there is a digital signboard tracking walkers and cyclists for the day.  We are early so the counts are low.

There were actually a few Mile markers on the course but they were not in sync with the Marathon and not in Km!

Plenty of people having fun in the sand whilst us runners streamed past

On this stretch of the coast there are numerous toilets.  Some are locked but the majority open.  With flu still present these provided a welcome stop.  Today though I figured that less stops might just improve my time.  I tried.

Agata to the Rescue
After about 20Km Marcus noticed that my foot was developing a blister.  And I had forgotten to bring any Compede with me.   Luckily I bumped into Agata who had finished her 5Km and was spectating me.   So she agreed to walk all the way home and get the Compede we had packed in Switzerland.

She returned at about Km 30 and I had a sit down, stop and apply plaster session.  We found that by the end of today Agata had walked over 20,000 steps despite being in quite some Calf agony.  Her teamwork as usual is appreciated.

The Quiet Finish

So that is it for Long Beach.   Marathon 3 completed.  Thanks to Agata for her rescue and now (as usual) we have washing,  dinner, wine and some more exploring to do.

Forward: LA Walkabout
Backward: Marathon 2