Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Marathon #2: Marina Vista

Today we are jumping back exactly one month to the events of January 1, 2017.   Marcus and Agata are staying in LongBeach California.

And today at 06.30 it is time for another Marathon

With this early start we were very pleased that our carefully chosen AirBnB accommodation was withing walking distance of this our second marathon too.

In the Dark

We arrived to the start and it was still dark.

As you can see Marcus has his Swiss patriotic buff on.  I can tell you this is difficult to buy.

But even so it was very cold!  We found some nearby toilets to shelter in but the mens hand drier was broken and a woman looked a bit concerned as I was trying out the womens so I had to leave.

Race Report
Well on the plus side it got light very quickly and our route today was by a pretty marina and the views at least some of the time were stunning

 Like This

Unfortunately both Marcus and Agata were not in best form.  Marcus' flu got a lot worse and in this Marathon I had to make a total of 13 toilet stops.  Yes I counted.

On the positive side I was running quite slowly because I wanted to keep pace with Agata's conservative running and as the race drew on she started having pains in her Calf.  This lead to a nice and low running heart rate.  I do like to take it easy, especially when feeling awful.

Agata already had Kinseo tape on but it fell off about about 75% of the race and at the end Agata was really not looking well.

Since this was a multi loop course  (7 loops)  I did amuse myself trying to find the nicest house on route and I decided it was this one.  Post race I even did some research on how much it would be and one uninformed Realtor reckoned about 1M USD.

That house and our route looked out onto the marina and the views were pretty stunning!

 As our race drew on I was able to do more and more photography although sometimes it was too much for Agata

 More views along the course

 I noticed this wonderful patchwork from the 1970's of kids who attended the playgroup.  I wonder where they all are today.

 During the last 3Km it wasn't just this sign  (we always obeys the signs) that made us slow down.  Agata had some big pains in her calf and it really was an effort to finish

 But I am proud to say that my very wonderful wife was not to be beaten and despite significant pains finished.

13 toilet stop, flu ridden Marcus managed a camera smile too.

It was now time to walk back and find a Chemist.  We got the American equivalent of Lemsip and I ignored all the warnings and had multiple sachets in the next hours until I got told off by Agata.

As yesterday, we journeyed to the Launderette and got everything very clean.  The rumour is we have another run tomorrow!  Finally we made it to Vons supermarket and got the essentials, like Wine.

We made it to Marathon #2,  we walked around our Long Beach neighbourhood,  we did our washing, we are still having a splendid time in the US of A.

Marathon 3: Long Beach