Friday, February 03, 2017

LA Walkabout

This is a philosophical post as Marcus remembers the events of our US holiday, January 3rd 2017

With our marathons in LongBeach over we had one day to wander about LA before  heading out to Las Vegas to attend the CES Consumer Electronics show.

This was a day of taking things very easy.  From yesterday you will have read that Agata screwed up her right calf running.   So I told her:  carry your 2 rucksacks carefully and slowly :-)

Our plan was to move to Downtown LA  (Mayfair Hotel) so that we would be close to our Union Square departure the next day. 

In order to save money and experience the Metro first hand we did not take an Uber (more on Uber in notes) and indeed the public transport option was cheaper but ...

 It's no understatement that many of the passengers definitely represented the underbelly and more desperate side of American society. 

At one point a loud person shouting conspiracy theories

Another [crazy] person who wanted to talk to Agata

A couple obsessed with playing online gambling games on their phones to win big

A person selling burner phones walking the train

Several Drunks

Caucasian travellers were definitely in the minority

Many people in the worst Physical condition I've seen referenced against Swiss commuters on our Swiss metro at home

It was an interesting though slightly traumatic experience. Traumatic not because of any fear to oneself but merely to see people in this position and condition.


Friends with Benefits
We met an old work colleague and friend and as we are both car nuts I had to see his lovely new acquisition.   The 911 50 edition is a very special car.

Walking Downtown
We spent the evening walking Downtown and we stopped for a meal at Wolfgang Puck  before returning for an early night.  Tomorrow we will hire an RV, American styly.  Yikes.